Saturday, 05.11.2022,
Doors: 22:00
Charlotte Bendiks feat Mazlum Karatas live: 22:30 – 23:30
Kabeaushé: 23:30 – 00:30
Charlotte Bendiks DJ set: 00:30 – 03:00
Storgata Camping.

Tromsø World & Arctic Pride presents


Kabeaushé (KE)

The music of Kabeaushé is an intoxicating mix of everything that makes pop music fun and seductive – their influences range from Prince and Bollywood to Tyler, the Creator. It is futuristic and playful, centered around themes like cuteness and softness. When the Kenyan artist plays live, their performances are hybrids of music and theatre, developed together with a creative team in Kampala. The capital of Uganda is also the home of Nyege Nyege, one of the most progressive music collectives in the world, which held a residency at Oslo World back in 2019. Through their festival and their label, they are providing pop and club music with new, distinctly east-african impulses. Kabeaushé is a natural fit for this philosophy, and in the autumn of 2022, they will release an album on Nyege Nyege Tapes.

Charlotte Bendiks feat Mazlum Karatas

Charlotte Bendiks’ low slung and filthy rhythms will be accompanied by the musicianship and melodies of Kurdish multi-instrumentalist Mazlum Karatas. The duo will be blending timeless house rhythms with a psychedelic texture and melodies that sound like echoes of a lost civilization. Charlotte Bendiks Live: Best known for her playful and psychedelic releases on labels such as Comeme, Love OD, Accidental and Hivern Discs, Norwegian DJ and producer Charlotte Bendiks’ irresistible live set allows her charismatic productions to truly breathe. Charlotte Bendiks’ live sets also pay heed to her natural versatility as a DJ keen to transcend genre, exploring a breadth of moods, tones and styles over the course of the set, while maintaining the dark and playful persona that she’s known for behind the decks. As one of dance music’s true characters, the theatrical potential of live performance is more than embraced by Bendiks’, but the focus nonetheless remains on the euphoria, freedom and potential of pure body music. Mazlum Karatas Kurdish multi-instrumentalist musician, artist and activist. As a refugee in Tromsø, he deals with issues of migration and asylum seekers and is interested in topics such as multi-culturalism, Human Rights, Indigenous people and Minorities (ethnic or national). He will end the seminar with a performance based on instrumental introduction and improvisation. He believes that the thing he and other refugees and asylum seekers experienced, cannot be expressed with words. This is his way and style in his music.