Tromsø World Festival an indoors music festival aiming to present an up-to-date program featuring music and artstists from Africa, Latin-America, Asia, Eastern-Europe and the Midle-East.  Our 2022 festival edition will run from 3 – 5. Nov.  November 3RD 2022, we launch our very first edition of Tromsø World Festival! We are thrilled to invite new artists to perform above the Arctic Circle. To bring new sounds and grooves under the Northern Lights has been a dream for us since we arrived and fell madly in love with the city of Tromsø and its arctic – urban and yet pristine vibe.

Our Story

2018-2021 We started off as a one-day side programmed festival in August 2019. During this period, we hosted artists like Les amazons d’Afrique, Dj Nefirtiti and topped it off in 2021 with Amadou & Mariam. Our lights were shone, and our audience wanted more! 
This year we are setting up a 3-day festival in November – placing our festival into a lovely and close connection to Oslo World. YES! We are parting up and joining forces creating a new Norwegian Network for promoting and programming our festivals artists together with one of northern Europe’s leading venue festivals. We call our network MOVEMENT.  

Nasra Ali Omar

CAO / Festival Director

Moving to Norway as a somali refugee at 12, Nasra grew up in Harstad. Before moving to Harstad home was Nairobi, and before that again home was Mogadisho. 19 year old Nasra moved to Tromsø to study drums and percussion at the music conservatory in Tromsø and fell madly in love with the city and stayed. In Tromsø Nasra is one of the initiatives behind some of the cities multicultral events such as Flere farger and Tromsø Global. Nasra believes in cultural diversity as an important pill for sustainable future societies´ co-existance. When you don´t find Nasra in the office at Tvibit, you might have to check at the Studio, or the gym, a concert stage, a club or the runnning track – if not there, check the sports climbing facilities and if not there, check at home (listening to LP´s) or in a flight in or outbound Tromsø. If you still can´t find Nasra at this point – then ask Doffa.

Vasil Gjuroski 

CEO / programming director

Reaching a decade in the cold Arctic couldn’t easily cool down this hot Balkan-dude. Vasil Gjuroski finds his own path, this time in Tromsø, Norway, and now with an even steamier and louder energy.  

His word for life is none the less than FUCK IT – LET´S DO IT!  

Travelling through the cultural industry; (music, movies, theatre + different multicultural projects), Vasil is currently programming chief at Student House Driv; he is a founder and director of the children’s festival Rabalder and founder and programming director of Hagefestn. 

Vasil “Peter Pan” Gjuroski – aka I Refuse To Grow Up – also refuses to give up, and still fights for our rights to listen to good music, have fun and enjoy life, as he´s been doing for the last twenty years or so.  

Because, at the end, all you need is love, an amplifier and a bunch of really good LPs.